TODAY I WANT share with you some timeless style advice every man can implement to change and improve his image. No man is born with style when it comes to dressing well. Overtime you develop your style which can then become a habit.

Style Habit #1 Feel Comfy In Your Dressing
If your dress well, you will feel confident and you will be self-confident. Be confident in what you wear always.

Remember stylish men have a custom being the best-dressed man in the room. This simple practise will give them confidence and over time this simple practice allows them an aura of gait in their smart attire.

In short – practice builds comfort.

A smart man’s appearance is a reflection of his core values, his taste, his family, his business and his lifestyle. Dress in a style and manner that conforms to these dynamics.

Another factor is, if you want to feel comfortable in your dressing, everything you wear must fit you very well.

One of the golden rules of stylish dressing is: don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Even if clothing item is marked down by 90%, don’t bother buying it if it doesn’t fit well on you.

Stylish men know the real value of well-fitting clothes lies in how often you wear them. Well-fitting clothes make them look stylish and feel comfortable.

They always buy duplicates since consequently well-fitting clothes become the most-worn items in their wardrobe as they are worn frequently.

Style Habit #2 Plan How You Dress Yourself for Events & Weather
Stylish dressing is never by accident and stylish men are never ruled by vanity.

Current rage in fashion trends never overrules the better sense of judgment of stylish men.

They are sensible in their choices because they understand what suits well for their body type and shape, their workplace environment, the many professional and social events they attend, the weather conditions and their taste as dictated by their lifestyle.

Stylish men base their clothing choices on:
Appropriateness: Dress appropriately for the event or occasion you are attending. No jeans for a meeting for financing your project.
The prevailing weather conditions: Dress suitably for the climate conditions in your location.

Natural body features: Dress clothing which compliments your build whether small or big.

Style Habit #3 Know Your Tailor’s or Hair stylist’s Name
Build a long term friendship with a skilled tailor who you trust.
Whether it’s new your clothing or old clothing, or suits or casual clothing get them altered to fit your body frame. With the exception for t-shirts and athletic shorts, have the rest of your wardrobe altered to fit regularly to fit your body.

The same goes for the hair stylist or your barber. Set up a regular time to have a haircut and a shave. To force yourself to always show up pre-pay your barber if you can.

When it comes to your hair and beards don’t be a reactionary.

Always have fixed time you show up at your barber. Don’t wait until everyone else will be noticing that you need a cut. Spend more at an expensive salon or end up with a barber who doesn’t understand what hair style suits you.

Style Habit #5 Clothing Maintenance
I need not say more. From washing, repairing, pressing, shining shoes a stylish man knows how to maintain his clothes.

A valuable skill every stylish man has is to know how to wash their own clothes, especially delicate items like sweaters.

Use a batch-processing system that saves time and energy. I wash all my shirts together once a week and let them dry naturally before pressing them all at once. This system saves me time and ensures that all my shirts are ready to wear at one go.

Inspect all your clothing for broken buttons, tear and stains. Shine your shoes the night before and check if the cloting that you want to wear tomorrow is in proper as early mornings are probably the worst time to take care of these details. As for me, I shine all my shoes once a week and re shine a night before.

If you have the money or don’t have enough time, hire a cleaner or send clothing out to the cleaners.

Style Habit #6 Everything Has A Place
Great style is not restricted to the clothes you wear.
It starts with simple decisions like having a dedicated place to store your clothes, your shoes, and other accessories.

Have a dedicated place where everything is stored so you find it when you need it.

A shoe shine box makes it easy to shine your shoes. Having a dedicated space to accomplish simple tasks makes them easier to complete in the shortest amount of time.

The 10 habits listed above are a starting point. Great style is a combination of many more heuristics that are designed to save time, finances and embarrassing moments.